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Head bath during the menstrual cycle

A common question that could arise within the women’s community; is whether they can take a head bath while they are on their periods? Why shouldn’t we take a head bath during periods? In the earlier centuries, people used common water reservoirs like rivers, lakes, and ponds to bathe and perform other household activities. These

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Hair Pack with curd

Hi Happy to see you in my next blog. Do you remember your childhood days? Your love for chilly things, chit chats , fighting with cousins , love of uncle and aunt, their love and affection in the form of gifts. Yeah even I do remember such things. When I was a kid I had

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causes of irregular periods

Top 5 causes of Irregular Periods

Irregular Periods:There are many factors that cause irregular periods. Right from the day one of my marriage I was suffering from irregular periods which led to a lot of chaos every month. Hope you have guessed what? Yeah, you are right. that led to unrealistic expectations from my MIL that I’m pregnant.I have undergone many

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