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Biodegradable sanitary pads in India are suitable for a light as well as a heavy flow. They are made from pure cotton with odour neutralizers and a multi-layered core. Like traditional pads, they also have wings to hold them in place. The breathable top sheet and material choice makes these sanitary pads well-suited to people with sensitive skin. The best biodegradable sanitary pads in India have no harmful chemicals, fragrances dyes or deodorants making them non-toxic in nature. The technology used to make them also helps them fight back infections.

Shop Herbal Hair Packs for Beautiful Hair

Even if you’re blessed with thick hair, you need to take care of it. Using a herbal hair pack once a week or so can be extremely beneficial. There are many different types of hair packs available today. Depending on the key ingredient in the mask, each of these hair masks offers a range of benefits.

For example, a neem pack for hair helps boost hair growth. It also hydrates the ends of hair follicles and helps prevent split ends. Neem also helps fight scalp conditions like dandruff and slows down the greying process.

Similarly, you could also use a fenugreek hair pack. Also known as a methi pack for hair, it helps hair grow faster, reduces hair fall and keeps your tresses soft. For added benefits, you could use a hair pack with curd. Sold as a dahi methi hair pack in hindi, this combination makes sure your hair stays nourished and has a shiny lustre. The mehandi hair pack offers similar benefits.

Then there’s the bhringraj hair pack. With a wonder herb at its core, this bhringraj powder hair pack soothes scalp issues and keeps hair smooth and strong.

When you buy a herbal hair pack, all you need to do is mix a portion with water and apply it on your scalp.

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